Overcoming Insecurity

By Allie Bergeron

There’s a voice in my head that some days won’t let me see past the breakout on my face or the fact that my pants are getting a little tighter. Other days it reminds me that I’m single. Still others it points out exactly how well that joke DIDN'T go over.

That voice answers to the name insecurity, and I’d be willing to bet that sometimes he has a couple of words for you too. And that’s completely normal.

Insecurities aren't a new concept. They've been around for as long as humans have, and I don’t imagine them going anywhere soon. That doesn't mean we let those insecurities win, though. We've got to be bigger and louder than the voice in our head because those insecurities can leave us vulnerable.

Today, traffickers are using our insecurities for their own benefit. Traffickers are trained to see the things we’re not proud of: our bodies, our homes, our families, our opportunities and then use those things to target us.

How do we combat that? Confidence. A sense of self-worth that doesn't come from other people’s words or actions. An acceptance of the truth that we are who we were made to be. And finally, respect for the person we are today.

Own the things that make you different. They’re yours, and that’s worth celebrating.