Common Sense... Really?

Common sense is a funny thing. It’s easy to believe that there are certain pieces of knowledge that are universal, but common sense is only common if someone taught you that bit of wisdom.

I imagine that most of us have been instructed in the best ways to stay safe at parties. For example, we know to fix our own drinks at a party.  We know not to set that drink down, or let it out of our sight. We know never to drink anything that someone else fixed for us. We know that there is strength in numbers and that it’s best to have a friend with you at all times.

We know these things because someone taught us. But what about the kids that have grown up without someone to tell them these things?

How will they know?

It’s our belief that the very people reading this blog, the very people for whom this information IS common sense…those are the same individuals that have both the duty and the ability to pass along this knowledge to friends that maybe don’t have an older, wiser individual in their life to teach them.

Who is the person in your life that taught you what the world considers common sense?