A Single Story

Stories. These short narratives help us all connect with each other.

One story can portray an instance of joy, pain, triumph, loss, and any other type of emotion. Stories are great in helping people relate to experiences had by others. They create empathy, hatred, compassion, and motivation to act. A story serves as a positive or negative glimpse into someone's life. Single stories are simply incomplete snapshots.

While it reflects aspects of an individual, one story does not define them.

The best thing about working at End Slavery with both at risk youth and survivors of human trafficking is realizing despite the tragedy, frustration, and utter pain of a single story, it is still incomplete. There is still time for stories of joy, excitement, love and much more.

As advocates passionate about social justice….

                    I understand one story does not define all of who you are. We are all a compilation of stories and experiences.

As members of the End Slavery TN community…..

                    I extend survivors options, choices, and hope.

As an individual…..

                    I see God is not finished. He is not finished with our survivors, staff, you, or I.

So now I invite you all to be apart of this new story of hope. Will you join?