Opportunity is a Knockin

When you are young opportunities are endless.

Opportunities to volunteer, work, learn, travel and much much more are all at your finger tips! All of this creates new avenues to explore your interests and passions.

A common myth we all believe is simple:

This is a once in a lifetime chance.

We have seen this same pressure to seize every chance with a lot of our survivors. They are sold a dream that only comes once in a life time and they must take it now! Sometimes these opportunities are too good to be true.  They turn out to be putting individuals at risk of a world of pain and are nothing like what was originally promised.

Since then we have learned the truth: When it comes to reality you will have a bunch of opportunities and it is up to you to decide which ones are worthy investments!

So lets make a deal! Today we pledge to pick and choose wisely. We pledge to speak up about new opportunities with friends and family. By open communication we can wisely invest in what we are truly passionate about. 

What are some recent opportunities you have taken?