Bravery Behind Adventure

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All ways we connect

All of these were invented to present parts of your identity for your friends and family to see. Whether you are posting pictures of a family vacay or sharing your results on the latest Buzzfeed quiz, all of them portray a sense of life adventure. 

Technology has a great way of capturing all of these beautiful moments that can make up your story. 

As with any great invention we all face the temptation to rely on it to create our story. We like or retweet great things others have done, befriend exciting or cute people on Facebook who we may not know too well, or even chat with other interesting people online. It becomes very normal to amplify the voices and stories of our “online community” rather than taking the time to create our own experiences.

Here at End Slavery Tennessee we have seen a variety of young people choose to use online sources as their only outlet. They want some type of adventure like the ones on tv. They look through mutual friends, send friend requests, and begin to chat. As a result, they put themselves at risk of being approached by someone who can cause harm.

So today we challenge you to be brave!

Being brave means choosing to find your own adventure outside of the Internet. 

You can be the one who creates your own adventure, then use social media as a way to talk about it. Make social media a way to reflect who you are rather than what you want to be. Choose to be brave today and seek adventure for yourself!

Do you have an idea on how to be brave today? Share it with us!

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