Up Close and Personal

I've spent a couple of days this week caring for the needs of two young US human trafficking victims kidnapped in Atlanta and brought to Nashville, in an ordeal that lasted from Tuesday of last week until Friday. It all began when one of the girls thought she was talking to a friend online. She learned too late that it was actually a trafficker. She and her BFF went to hang out with this on-line girlfriend, and instead ended up in a car with child safety locks; the beginning of their nightmare.

I heard these beautiful, intelligent, articulate girls tell their heartbreaking story, up close and personal. I sat in court and admired their incredible courage as they testified, so soon after their trauma, with their alleged perpetrator in the room...the one who threatened to kill them and their families, who beat them, put duct tape over one girl's mouth and bound her hands and pummeled her face, evidence of which was still present in a black eye, and who forced them both to be raped. The one who knows where they live.  

The time fueled my passion to empower you, the young people targeted by these predators, to prevent your own victimization and to look out for your peers. You and your friends deserve so much better treatment than what these girls endured and will live with the rest of their lives. Please – be the jam.