Some boyfriends are not friends, at all. A typical human trafficker ploy is to win a girl's complete trust. The trafficker, or a guy used as a recruiter, then turns the girl over to traffickers. Sometimes, traffickers use another girl to win that trust. The result is the same... a trusting girl is ensnared into a life filled with brutality.

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Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, texting and chat. Social networking is cool. Sometimes it leads to an off-line meeting and an uncool end-another social networker trapped by slave traders.

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Drugging at social events

You meet interesting people at parties. But drugs secretly dropped into a drink or smeared on a glass can lead to an unexpected after-party, or more like an endless nightmare. Drugging at social events is a common tactic of human traffickers.

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Too Good To Be True

The chance of a lifetime. A job too good to be true. The travel opportunity that can't be refused. Except that it leads to a place you cannot return home from. A place that is so very bad, and yet too true.

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Targeting Vulnerabilities

No one ever told her that she is beautiful and seemed to mean it. And he wanted that concert ticket so much, he was willing to believe anything. We all have emotional needs. We all have dreams. Human traffickers know us all too well, and they are there to offer whatever it is you want or need. But they don’t deliver.

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Family Members

Too often parents, or extended family, sell children, in exchange for drugs, alcohol or other gain. One family , for example, sold their child in exchange for van payments. An estimated 20% of victims are trafficked by their own family.




Traffickers sometimes use coercion. One girl, for example, was approached when she was home alone, and told to pack her bags and come with traffickers or they would kill her family.




Debbie goes out to the driveway at her family's home to meet a casual "friend," Bianca, who brings two men with her for a brief visit. When Debbie begins to hug Bianca good-bye, Debbie is shoved into the car and Bianca ties her hands as the men drive them away. With so many family and friends at the house that evening, Debbie's mother does not notice that she is gone.

Taken to an apartment 25 miles from her home, Debbie is drugged, threatened with a gun, repeatedly raped, made to live in a dog cage and subjected to other horrible abuse—all part of a process to break her into submission. The pimps make specific threats to harm Debbie's family members if she does not cooperate. And, so, she becomes the victim of forced prostitution and continued abuse for more than 40 days, until police enter the apartment and find her hidden away, crammed into a large dresser drawer. Too few enslavements end like this.


Blind Date

Kathy picks out the girls her pimp would like—the ones who might bring in the most cash. She befriends unsuspecting girls until they trust her enough to go on a blind-date that Kathy then sets up for them. Unfortunately, Sarah is one of the girls that Kathy befriends.

Finally sure she has gained Sarah’s trust, Kathy suggests Sarah go on a blind-date with a “great medical student.” Sarah readily agrees and meets her date at a local burger joint. He seems nice, but when the “date” pretends to walk Sarah to her car, he instead forces her into a locked vehicle and drives her to the pimp that both he and Kathy work for.

Sarah is drugged and becomes another one of the pimp’s forced prostitutes. She never even realizes that Kathy, the “friend” she had grown to love and trust over many months, works for the pimp. Sarah becomes the unwilling member of a prostitution ring in an area known for attracting sex tourists—men and women who travel to cities known to have the best in prostitution.


A Place To Live

Desperate to find a new apartment before their lease is up, BFFs Jessie and Caroline search online ads for a new place to live. They are away from families and trying to get by on sparse funds. Then they read of a 2-bedroom apartment available. Peter, the landlord, takes pity on the girls and offers to let them rent for only $200 a month. Overjoyed at this find, Jessie and Caroline readily accept the kindness and move in. What they don't know is that Peter has no pity, but rather makes the offer based on the pair's physical beauty and apparent vulnerability.

Over time, Peter furnishes the apartment for them with expensive furniture and wins Jessie and Caroline's trust through flirtation. They come to heavily rely on his seeming generosity. But, when the lease comes up for renewal, Peter tells the girls they owe him thousands of dollars for the furniture, and the rent is now $600 a month. He convinces them they have no choice but to work as prostitutes to pay their keep, and he maintains control through drugging and beatings. With little money of their own and separated from family, Jessie and Caroline are trapped.

You should be treated so much better than this.

Even if you have already been tricked and trapped, you are not alone. And you are not at fault. Someone else made some bad choices and took advantage of your youth and vulnerability. Stop and think: Is this what you want for the rest of your life? You are worth SO MUCH MORE.

Take charge of your own life, set the goals you want and start working to meet them! 
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